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... You've got a great product. I know you've gone through a lot of effort, hopes and dreams to make it. When I googled the words 'wheelchair' and 'wheelchair aids' (name changed) was nowhere to be found. The people that do appear there are your competitors. They mostly sell extra add-on gear that makes a wheelchair rainproof or able to carry more stuff. You can use this...

> Henry Ford revolutionized the car industry by observing the assembly line of a meat packing plant. Proctor & Gamble increased their factory output 44% and saved themselves $1 billion by working with weapons scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Businesses outside your particular field have experienced and overcome most of the same challenges you face. If you're unwilling to look outside the medical device industry to find those solutions, you need more help than any consultant or marketing director can give.

> Blessings, wisdom and peace to you,
> Peter.

> PS: I always take travel expenses out of the money people pay me and don't change my rates depending on distance. That's what all Wizard of Ads partners do. We charge a flat fee up front and then a flat monthly fee after. It only increases when your profit increases.

He sent me an email the next day...

> Thanks Peter.

> I'll value your persistance and determination. Very valuable qualities. I also value your insights. Thank you. I will review your CV and the websites with my team & get back to you.

> Industry experience I am not so worried about - this can be learned quickly. My main concern is distance and the need for localitly. Nevertheless, I will think out of the box and maybe you can reassure me in the meantime about some ways that long distance relationships have worked for either yourself or Wizzard of Ads partners in the past.

I wasn't done. I sent him one more email...
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