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On the Subject of Commercials...

You may not need to do any advertising whatsoever. Your combination of message and product may be so powerful that people flock like the salmon of capistrano with open hands and willing dollars. Chances are you need to do something to let more people know you exist.

If you don't have an advertising budget, you're a fool, and I can't help you. It may be time that you spend telling someone about yourself, but make a commitment to get your message heard. There's no substitute for a message that people actually care about. Once we've crafted a powerful story, it's time to figure out how to wisely invest your advertising budget.

You may just need to change your website. You may need a nationwide television campaign. The right thing for you to do may be as simple as putting a guy in a gorilla suit outside your store. Whatever the solution, we'll find a way to reach the most people with the money you have to spend. One pretty common way to do this is radio.

These are a few radio ads I've made. Listen for the message that the customer cares about. Everything else just helps them listen longer.

Boom Your Business Seminar - "Pigs Don't Snort Money"

The Garage Door Co. - "Garage Doors Are All Rubbish"

Sonz Fitness - "Working Out is Hard" - "Divorce Stinks"

The Garage Door Co. - "If Garage Doors Had a Champion"

The Garage Door Co. - "Is Your Garage Door Under Attack?"

The Garage Door Co. - "Does Your Garage Door Have an Appetite?"

The Garage Door Co. - "Garage Door Squeeze"

Sonz Fitness - "Bathroom Project"

Sonz Fitness - "Best Date"

For a little fun, check out the voiceover demo that I made in case any one wanted an idea of how many characters I have living inside my brain.

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