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Engineering has fallen a bit as a symbol of cultural sexiness. But I still use the problem solving methods I learned at the University of Texas when I analyze one of my performances, construct my own accounting system, or work on my car. Maybe that's not quite as cool as graphic design, photography or adventures around the world. If you don't want the help of a creative guy who understands the value of practical, measurable and implementable solutions, I understand.

If you find yourself growing a lump of boredom over your right eye, feel free to download my Master's Thesis on High-Temperature Deformation Behavior and Tensile Ductility of Commercial Aluminum Alloys. I tried to write it in language that could be read and enjoyed by everyone, even those not familiar with terms like "dislocation climb controlled creep," but my professor wouldn't allow it.



Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

GPA: 3.00/4.00


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

GPA: 3.55/4.00


Rheinisch Westfaelisch Technical University; Aachen, Germany



Process Engineer; Motorola; Austin, TX


BAT-1 Probe, Laser Repair

Obtained laser repair skills in 3 months, including ESI laser repair course, UNIX, C programming and probe data system proficiency without any prior knowledge


Identified source and implemented resolution of laser misalignment on VGER Product, saving Motorola ~$2,000,000/year


Developed standardized laser repair setup, wrote laser repair curriculum and fully trained one, previously inexperienced engineer


Learned prober operation and setup and evaluated effects of probing wafers after reflow, showing reduction in necessary re-probes


Volunteered to help BAT-1 Performance Excellence team, writing and performing creative motivational presentations for departmental communication meetings, helping BAT-1 to score over 500 in its assessment


Performed four spoken word concerts for BAT-1 performance celebrations

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