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Engineering Credentials (cont.)

1999-2002 (cont.)

Process Engineer; Motorola; Austin, TX


BAT-1 Assembly, Underfill

Resolved underfill voiding crisis on Nitro, cataloguing void types, determining root cause of fluorine outgassing and implementing short and long-term fixes to qualify product


Learned the installation, setup and operation of CSAM machine and developed training course for other employees


Led assembly team qualification effort on V'GER, including evaluation and selection of higher-quality underfill, and trained new engineers how to plan and execute on-time and without incident


Purchased, installed and optimized March Instruments Plasma Cleaner for Mechatronics product line


BAT-1 Assembly, Die Attach

Conducted experiments to eliminate non-soldered chip connections and established process limits for autoflux stamper


Research and Teaching Assistant, The University of Texas at Austin

Designed and Completed thesis on the feasibility of high-ductility, commercial aluminum, analyzing microstructural and creep properties of samples, supervising and training undergraduates in all techniques and preparing technical discussions and articles


Intern; Applied Materials; Austin, TX

Determined minimum outgassing rates for process chambers using Taguchi method design of experiments, constructed gas flow model for manufacturing test fixture, designed and constructed electro-mechanical test fixture for pneumatic lines and presented technical progress reports


Co-Owner; Harvest Lawn Care; Grand Prairie, TX

Founded business and increased customer base to 35 residences, coordinated schedules, purchased equipment, handled customer relations and hired and trained new employees


Skilled in using tensile and microstructural testing equipment, analyzing data, chip assembly equipment, wafer probers, laser machines and designing and leading team projects and experiments


Proficient in UNIX, Microsoft and Macintosh PCs, Autocad, Microstation, Kaleidagraph, Excel, Photoshop and C & Pascal programming

Experienced in conflict resolution

Fluent in German and able to communicate in Spanish and Thai


BAT-1 Teamwork Award for V'GER Qualification, November, 2000

BAT-1 Teamwork Award for Nitro Qualification, August, 2000

Elected leader of Hampton House, 1997-1998, 1999-2000

Vice-President, Pi Tau Sigma, 1996-1997

Ernest Cockrell Jr. 4 yr. Scholarship

Loral Vought Systems Management Association Scholarship

National Merit Scholar

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