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In Love With Your Sound

Take me back to love with me and you…

I used to be in love with your sound,
The way it tumbled round
Crashing down
Halfway drowned my semi-developed consciousness in brilliance.

There was this place I had to be,
Submerging myself in you,
Feeling awe as beautiful car crash collages invented music,
Broke free to dance in graceful accidents,
Hurled beauty at anyone who cared to listen,
Let go of the everything mundanely described
And unleashed its fury onto a canvas of exploding, heart-fueled desire.

I used to be swept away in the moon-draped satin dresses of never ending romance-laden melodies you wore to bed.
Tingling like the fire of red sunsets painted on desert skies,
Slowly darkening into night,
Dwindling with my sight
Where all is silent,
Expectant and searching.

Sometimes I close my eyes now and drop weary hands,
Lay a tired brain on my pillow
And forget the heat of dreaming
As I rise to a sleepy dawn

But at the back of every yawn
Each stretch of stiff, stale muscles,
Corpuscles pumping and thumping in a chest pounding out of obligation,
There is the the memory,
The resonance,
The residual signature of completed stories,
Shared tastebud delicacies,
Two pairs of eyes brightening to envelop the stunning wonder of naked intimacy.

And I don't want to settle for half-finished attempts or unspoken worlds
Trapped in the cages of a soul that's spent its worth.
Unburden my fears!
Release the nearness of touching skin,
Tender vibrations pulsing their rhythm around daylight
And fingers sunk in the valleys of pleasant fruits.
Tear off the suit of me having thought I saw
Or already heard the freshness
Of every time your voice comes bounding into my garden!

Take me back to love with me and you.
Say the words you said when it was new.

I want to deluge entire cities with the sounds and stories of your never-ending acceptance,
Hear nations shout and sing,
Bring you treasures of every imagined color, shape and cultural earthquake of unbridled joy.
Don't let me forget my own life in this offering of thankfulness.
Cause if I haven't emptied out the vast expanse,
My most wildly turbulent dance uttered by trembling lips,
Ignited flamethrower fingertips of passion paid for at my own expense,
Then I'm not giving you unbridled honor that you so definitely deserve

I want to be in love with your sound,
Reverberating from my mouth to the ends of the earth.
Because it reminds me of how hopelessly I'm lost,
How I'll never be able to described,
How desperately I'm in love with you.

Take me back to love with me and you.
Say the words you said when it was new.
Take me back to love with me and you.
Won't you say the words you said when it was new.
Cause I'm in love with you,
I'm in love with you...


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