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Peter Solo"Peter has an infectious energy that takes you by surprise at first but then captivates you, leaving you hanging on his every word. His ideas are inspiring and his approach to promoting businesses can give even the hardest corporate image the human touch. I realised that trying to make our company look bigger than it is with lots of glossy marketing is not the best way of connecting with our clients, the story of how our little family business came to be is a much better way of relating to people.’
-Bradley Long, Owner, The Garage Door Co.

Wow, that sounds pretty good! But you might be interested in the topics I would actually speak about...

Their Story is Your Business
Can you put yourself in your customers' shoes? Do you know what they want your website to look like? How can you answer their questions before they ask them? With an array of examples, humor, poetry, business models and my own life experiences, I'll help you turn casual customers and website browsers into rabid, money spending fans.

The Pursuit of Crazy, Little Ideas That Won't Go Away
Some of the most powerful business successes in history started as crazy, little ideas. Learn the secrets that turned innocuous ideas into world-changing fortunes. Harness the dynamite of your own crazy, little ideas while avoiding the mistakes that have shipwrecked others. Don't let the ideas you ignore become the famous discovery of someone else.

Creativity: Business Elixir for Tough Times
Everyone talks about the power of creativity without really understanding what it is or how it works. Some businesses have used it to thrive in the face of disastrous depressions, while others have crashed in seemingly good times. Find out the three elements of creativity useful for business and how you can use them to grow your business in any climate.

Explosive Business Writing
Most writing workshops will try to pump you up or tell you what not to do without teaching you what makes writing powerful or giving you the tools to actually do it. In one hour I can show you the basics and have you producing your own incredible copy. Whether your audience is the internet, your boss or radio listeners, they'll feast on your new gourmet writing concoctions. The daylong version delves deeper into the processes of finding meaningful content, grabbing attention, selecting the facts you need, closing big and editing crap into gold. You'll never write the same again.

Contact me. I'll tailor these topics to fit your employees or audience.


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